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The North-South Corridor will be completed by the end of the summer
Hamid Reza Momeni, Advisor to the President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, visited the civil and tourism infrastructure being completed in Anzali Free Zone.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Hamidreza Momeni visited the construction route connecting the Rasht national railway to the Caspian port of Anzali free zone. He also visited tourism infrastructure including the Marina Caspian Complex -- a provider of maritime tourism services --, training courses, and water sports.

Due to the importance of the Rasht railway project to the Anzali Free Zone, this large national project was visited in order to determine the task of this project and remove obstacles, Momeni said, adding: So far, good measures have been taken, and, God willing, the project will be operational by the end of summer.

He went on to point out the changes and increase the speed of the project completion process, adding: There were physical problems in the project completion process, which were corrected by research, and it will be connected to the main railway network of the country to complete the north-south corridor.

The President's Adviser further pointed to maritime tourism and its use in order to create job opportunities and develop tourism infrastructure, said: Unfortunately, so far this God-given advantage has not been used as it should be; now in the south of the country and in the Anzali free zone, many measures have been taken that can develop and increase tourist attractions.

In the end, Momeni pointed to the position of Anzali Free Zone and Gilan Province in the field of tourism and said: Anzali Free Zone has a very good view in the field of maritime economy and maritime tourism and by the end of Khordad, Marina Caspian as the largest maritime tourism center in the north of the country will be completed and with the development of maritime tourism activities in this region, weaknesses will be eliminated.