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Attracting microinsurance is more profitable
A member of the board of Dana Insurance called for a stronger presence of the company in the field of property insurance and the attraction of micro and profit-oriented portfolios.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Dana Insurance, as the second largest private insurance company in the country, in addition to providing desirable services to its insurers, pays special attention to the interests of shareholders, and it is necessary to further protect the interests of shareholders and insurer by strengthening the supervision of branches and sales network, Faramarz Khojir.

He considered proper risk assessment as a valuable step in attracting appropriate and beneficial portfolios and stressed the need for provinces to monitor market share and carefully examine the loss ratio, and called for providing appropriate insurance services to insurers.

Khojir further stated that proper knowledge of the market and having the necessary information and accurate statistics are required for insurance operations, and asked the members of the sales network to evaluate the possible risks when attracting contracts so that the best and least risky portfolios could enter the company.

At the end of his speech, Khujir stressed greater oversight in the field of compensation and called for greater involvement in microinsurance in the areas of property, persons and liability.