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  • Date : Sun Feb 21, 2021
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The enemy has failed to create a rift between the state and the nation
On the occasion of the forty-second anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Gorgan, the Minister of Economy stated: The enemy has failed to create a rift between the state and the nation by imposing oppressive sanctions.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- Faced with the serious will and determination of the state and the nation, the enemy entered another phase this year and imposed financial sanctions, sanctions which mean the cessation of the country and the economy from the transfer of our financial transfers, Farhad Dejpasand stated.

In the past, when oil was boycotted, we exported our oil through other channels and spent its resources on development and governance, but when financial sanctions were imposed, the goal was to block the flow of funds, he said.

They were well aware that the power to circumvent sanctions was so great that it disrupted all their systems, Dejpasand said.

Stating that this was an experience we had gained in the imposed war, the Minister of Economy added: We remember how we managed the war with the least resources and equipment and what victories we achieved.

By imposing financial sanctions, they deliberately intended to bring us to our knees, and you know how much pressure was put on Iran in this area in 1391 and 1392, he said, adding: This pressure was such that macroeconomic variables were severely damaged and had a negative trend.

The enemy knew that this was the source of our resistance and the source of our victory, and he wanted to make the people pessimistic about the officials, and to widen the gap between the state and the nation so that it could not be filled, Dejpasand noted.

Fortunately, this time too, the enemy could not succeed in implementing its plan and achieving its goals, and this process was postponed after the negotiations on nuclear issues and JCPOA, but it was not long, he reminded.

In 1397, with the change of the President of the United States, the sanctions unfortunately returned with more intensity and severity, and a series of other conspiracies against Iran were planned again, the Minister of Economy said.

During the 42 years after the revolution, we have never been relieved of the conspiracies and evil plans of the enemy, and thank God, these plans have never achieved their goals, he reminded.

Unfortunately, a lot of pressure has been put on the people, but they have not been able to know our people, Dejpasand stressed.

The Minister of Economy further said that people who have helped the country, have given many martyrs, have veterans who still have not been able to return to their normal lives after years; therefore, such people will never give up supporting this country so easily.

So this time the sanctions took on more dimensions and more complexity, as the failed US president, for whom fortunately part of the revenge was realized and will continue, God willing, in 1397 had rudely told the presidents of some countries, ‘You only give us 3 months, we will overthrow the Iranian regime with our plans’, he added.

But all these conspiracies failed again, thanks to God and the efforts of the dear people and the plan of the Supreme Leader, the Minister of Economy said.

But why do we say it failed? As the Minister of Economy, do I not know the economic situation of the people? Do I not understand the hardships and difficulties?

What I am saying is that, in spite of all the issues and all the problems, the exact opposite happened and what the enemy wanted, that is, consensus against Iran, did not happen, and incidentally, consensus was formed against the United States itself, Dejpasand stated.

You have witnessed for yourself that several cases that the United States has been complaining about in the legal authorities and the Security Council have been repeatedly voted in favor of Iran in complete isolation of the United States, the Minister of Economy added.

The former US president used to say that Iran's economy is falling apart, but he should know that in the face of both the oppressive sanctions and the coronavirus outbreak, Iran's economic growth has fortunately been positive in the first nine months of this year. At the same time, our oil revenue has reached its lowest level, and there has been no disruption in the implementation of development projects.

This year, compared to last year, more credits have been allocated in construction payments, and in the first 10 months, we have paid 61,000 billion tomans for construction projects, Dejpasand stated.

This year, in the first months, it was predicted that the government would borrow at least 120,000 billion tomans from the Central Bank, while today, as Minister of Economy, I say that not a single rial has been borrowed, except for the salary received according to law, he said, adding: This year, to finance the government, we issued bonds in such a way that we do not need to be connected to the banking system.

Look at the miracles our knowledge-based companies have done; with the support of these companies and the will of the people, we, who in Esfand of last year and Farvardin of this year, were importing masks and devices for the control and diagnosis of coronavirus, have become exporters today, he continued.

The Minister of Economy stated that the number of knowledge-based companies has reached five thousand units, and said: The reason for this is that we have been able to bring higher education to a place where we have the highest rank in terms of the number of universities among the countries in the region, and in terms of the number of students, we have a second rank in one narrative and a fifth rank in another.

You see how great, new, impressive and dazzling the progress we have made in the space industry is. Why is the enemy today paying attention to our missile power under various pretexts?, the Minister of Economy said.

Because the enemy knows that we have fortunately reached a level of executive power and construction and launch that will make their plans completely futile, Dejpasand said.

Our non-oil exports in the first 10 months of this year amounted to 28 billion dollars, he continued.

In agriculture, we once had problems in supplying basic products, but today we do not need to import even the most strategic crop, such as wheat, and if we import, it is for quality and not because of need, the Minister of Economy noted.

Today, we have also been able to become an exporter in the field of new industries and new technologies, he said.

You should know that the process of excellence and growth of the country will never be harmed by the desperate plans of the enemy, and the presence of the people, the presence of our scientists and the presence of those interested in maintaining the excellence of the country will continue under the prudent leadership of the Supreme Leader, he stressed.

The enemies could not part with what they had been looting the resources of dear Iran for years, in 1304, 1320 and 1342, the Minister of Economy reminded:

They were thinking in their raw imagination, what they did to dear Iran in Mordad 1332, they can do again after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but this fantasy was nothing more than this because this time, the leadership of the revolution was in the hands of someone who was completely dominant in history, jurisprudence, religion and politics and had a long history in Western studies. The leadership of the dear Imam prevented the slightest damage to the country and the revolution, he added.

The Imam, who had designed the favorable system of the Islamic Republic for many years, knew exactly under what circumstances he was responsible for this great matter. Therefore, by ordering the formation of the mobilization of the oppressed, he organized all members of society behind the government, the Minister of Economy continued.

The enemy chose the most evil among our neighbors and of course the most armed and greedy of them to impose war on us. Saddam engaged in the war against our beloved country in a region full of land and underground reserves and one of the best geographical points of Iran in water, land and international relations, Dejpasand said.

At the very first gestures, the enemies in the command room were examining the plans of the oil reservoirs because they wanted to cut off the economic artery in order to cause problems for the country. But they still did not achieve their goals, why? Because this time there was a different government at work, Dejpasand said.

Our political system was a system with the broad support of the people and a system with the support of the armed forces from the people, and a system in which a Basiji who entered the front viewed it as a sacred mission and not as a duty and mission; A system that, if it was full of volunteer forces on the front, was full of volunteers behind it, who supported it wholeheartedly.

This system was insured by God Almighty and the blood of the martyrs, the martyrs who had irrigated these seedlings with pure blood since 1342; The martyrs who have served in various fields until today and fought on the fronts to continue this system arising from the revolution, the Minister of Economy said.

Fortunately, empathy, unity, perseverance and absolute obedience to the leadership prevented the slightest damage to Iran. This process did not end even after the war, and after Imam Khomeini apparently passed away, hostile conspiracies were hatched again and again, but the system is still in the best condition. Why? Because, fortunately, the leadership of the system after the Imam was taken over by someone who was one of the leaders of this system from the first days of the formation of the revolution and someone who was well educated in the school of the Imam; One who believed that the presence of the people would always prevent the slightest harm to the system, he added.

Look at the sequence of deep thinking towards the people, the Imam says: the true measure of (acceptance) is nation's vote; and his successor says: people's vote is Haqq al-Nās (the people's right), the Minister of Economy continued.

Imam said that this system has been formed with the support of the people, the Supreme Leader has repeatedly emphasized that if we want the continuity and growth of the system, the people must be central, he added.

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