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  • Date : Tue Feb 16, 2021
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$4.9 billion of foreign investment attracted in the first ten months
In a joint meeting of the Planning and Development Council and the Government-Private Sector Dialogue Council of Golestan Province, the Minister of Economy said that $4.9 billion of foreign investment was attracted in the first ten months of this year.

(SHADA: TEHRAN) -- In these tight times, in the first ten months of this year, we were able to attract $9.4 billion in foreign investment, while many factors have prevented foreign investors from being directed to the provinces, Farhad Dejpasand stated.

He further said that empowered private sector as effective forces along with managers can fully play the role of attracting investors in the province.

According to him, the investor should have a keen and eagle-like vision to discover opportunities and attract a good partner to observe new market windows.

Referring to the agricultural capacity of Golestan province, Dejpasand stressed the need for more support for this province and said: When we help the poor provinces, the consequences of its positive effects will be felt all over the country.

The Minister of Economy further said that the tourism industry in the Northern provinces is among the main entrances of the country and added: These capacities can only be used with management tact.

Dejpasand considered Gorgan Bay and Ashuradeh Island as among the tourism capacities in the province, which can be a source of great income for the province.

Stating that capabilities do not translate into action unless the government and the private sector are the two wings of the economy, he said: To say that we cannot develop industry in the north of the country is a completely reprehensible theory because we have a clean industry today and the IT industry that plays a leading role in the smart economy.

By making a logical and general decision for the development of the province, I consider it my duty to take steps to improve the conditions of the province, because I believe that by using the Northern provinces we can reduce the country's dependence on foreigners and even make it a lever for the development of exports and Iran's sustainable presence in the global economy, the Minister of Economy added.

In this meeting, issues related to Gorgan Bay Rehabilitation Plan, Petrochemical Rationale Plan and 6,000-hectare Gomishan Land for Shrimp Breeding were proposed and approved, and it was decided to use various tools, especially the stock market, to finance the projects.

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